FAQ Jenazah Prayers


How should I book a slot for Jenazah Prayers?
You or your Jenazah Service Provider can call/WhatsApp 8932 9563 to check for availability. Our friendly customer service officer will assist you.

What are the available timings? How long is per slot?
The Jenazah Prayer Spaces are available Everyday (Except Fridays) at these timings: 12.00pm – 1.00pm & 2.00pm – 4.00pm.

Each slot needs to conclude within 30 minutes.

May I request for Jenazah prayers to be done during Congregational Prayers?
For safety reasons, participants & sessions for Congregational Prayers & Jenazah Prayers are not allowed to mix.
Hence slots for Jenazah Prayers are not available during Congregational Prayer timings.

How many persons can participate at one time? Is there a limit? What if my family & relatives exceed the limit set?
Due to the implemented Safe Measures, only 30 participants (excluding Imam) are allowed to join in a Jenazah Prayer Session.

If family members & relatives exceed 30 persons, up to 2 sessions of prayers are allowed per slot.

Is there a space provided for Muslimah?
Due to the current situation, prayer spaces are prioritized for Muslimin only.

Do the Mosque provide a space for families to hold tahlil arwah?
As the current situation stands, no physical activities are allowed at the Mosque yet. However, you may have your arwah’s name(s) included in our weekly online tahlil by sending in the name(s) via email to dakwah@almuttaqin.mosque.org.sg or Facebook Message.